Coffee and marketing go hand in hand – if I’m not meeting over coffee, or marketing with a coffee, I’m probably blogging about coffee!

A coffeeholic friend was telling me about a new cafe he’s been going to that has set a new standard in his mind – by rejecting him.

The (very experienced) Barista tried six times to pull a proper espresso with some new beans and just couldn’t get the shot to his satisfaction. He ended up telling my friend “I’m sorry, I just can’t serve this”, then called over another Barista who had had experience with this particular bean.

In all of my years of obsessing over coffee, I’ve never been rejected caffeine (but I’ve been served countless terrible coffees, some of which I’ve had to return).

If even after six attempts they still reject their coffee, what does it take for their coffee to pass?

Being told ‘no’ is remarkable (worth me remarking to other coffeeholics about it).

What we say no to communicates what we say yes to.

Now I have to go to this cafe.

ps. ‘No’ is a time tested angle in marketing. Remember, its the fish that John West reject that makes John West the best.

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