One day future generations will say: if only we started in the naughties

Large profits are made in the stockmarket when one makes a contrarian buy/sell before the market swings, and they’re almost never made by following the herd.

Right now, those who are changing the world and making a living from the Connection Economy are still early adopters.

The herd hasn’t bolted yet.

All the planets have aligned for our time.

Right now.

If you have something burning to say, art that must be made, mindsets that must be changed… there has never been a time like now.

Start a blog, start building your audience and start positioning yourself in the new Connection Economy – now, before the herd bolts.

No need to have it all figured out – the risks for making a mistake have never been so low. The rewards for building a community around your passion, never so high.

One day future generations will say ‘if only we started in the naughties’.

Well *you* do.

Now is your time.


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