Number 2

By far, the biggest feedback we’ve had from blog subscribers is that they are so time poor, the only chance they get to read these posts is during breaks.

As I thought about this problem, I realised that there were a lot of breaks people take – breaks for lunch, breaks for a smoke, breaks between tasks – but then it hit me…

There lies the single biggest, consistent marketing opportunity in the Number 2 break.

Just think about it – when someone is doing Number 2s:

So armed with this insight, today we’re going to launch a second blog to target this market, we’re proudly calling “Number 2”.

If you’re time poor and need a blog you can quickly digest (& excrete) during your Number 2 break, this is the bog… sorry, blog for you.

Offer is limited to today only – to subscribe, please email us privately at [email protected].

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