BMW has recently done a cross collab with Melbourne rag Broadsheet, to explore the future of food and drink. (As an aside, expect to see more of this style of marketing – in this case, BMW leveraging Broadsheet’s relational influence over its target market for the launch of the new BMW 1 Series).

One article caught my eye in particular: The Perfectionists.

Here, Broadsheet spotlights a rising trend – that of food and drink establishments dedicated to perfecting a single offering.

One Thing Well.

These are establishments who say yes to one thing by saying no to hundreds of other things.

By concentrating focus and resources on one thing, the quality and therefore remarkability (ie. ability for customers to remark to others) goes up, making One Thing Well establishments inherently viral.

Less obviously, doing One Thing Well, means these establishments also make great partners with other ‘One Thing Well’ establishments as they’re no longer in competition – together they’re collectively better and make their location more of a dining destination.

As society moves up Maslow’s hierarchy and as we become even further entrenched in our Connection Economy, expect to see One Thing Well disrupting a niche near you.

Making the decision to do One Thing Well positions you to be The Best for the Least for the Most.

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