The Democratisation of Creativity

Truly worldwide democratisation of creativity – April Greiman Thank you for giving us the ability to make our…

Art isn’t painting

Its not art the second time its done Its possible to be a painter and not make art….

The Connection Economy

In the Connection Economy, he who leads the tribe wins The Industrial Revolution In the Industrial Revolution, value…

Your friends are wrong

Your friends aren’t your target market. “What will my friends think?” is the wrong question to ask. The…

Grace is the new currency

Definition: Grace is receiving something you didn’t work for In a digital world where authoring, distribution and even…

Quote: Marcus Buckingham on the myth of changing as you grow

“As you grow, you become more and more of who you already are.” Marcus Buckingham

The Used Future

The digital revolution was about turning atoms to bits. The next revolution is about turning bits back to…

First Principles

Definition Its easy to learn the ‘3 steps to …’ or the ‘5 keys to …’ <insert_lesson_here>. Its…

Isolation vs Immersion

I did it my way – Frank Sinatra Now that we’re globally connected, its easy to get inspired…

The Miracle of Compound Interest

As you grow, you become more and more of who you already are. – Marcus Buckingham Pursuing your…

Quote: Rapunzel on leaving comfort

“And with every passing hour, I’m so glad I left my tower, Like all you lovely folks, I’ve…

But it makes me feel vulnerable

If you’re not feeling vulnerable, you’re doing it wrong. The Connection Economy isn’t based on facts and figures,…

Ready, Fire, Aim

If you hit something, call it the target – Paul Smith Finding your unique voice is not an…


Everything is possible to him who believes – Jesus Beliefs become thoughts. Thoughts become words. Words create worlds….

Less is More

Less is more – Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe What’s the one point you want to make in…

Quote: Tim O’ Reilly on being discovered in the Connection Economy

“Our big problem now isn’t piracy, its obscurity” Tim O’Reilly

Your Advantage

Companies have spent millions to restrict themselves to the thing that you, the individual, have had from birth:…

How to get rich quick

To Get Rich Quick, Give Value Quick The problem with ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes and theories is that…

Call to Actualisation

What a man can be, he must be – Abraham Maslow Every good website needs a clear Call…

Quote: Jim Rohn on the influence of your friends

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” Jim Rohn

Musicians are merely the first

Our problem now isn’t piracy, its obscurity – Tim O’Reilly The music industry has been the leading edge…

You are what you eat

Leaders are readers By far, the easiest way to think digital is to immerse yourself in a digital…

Now is your time

One day future generations will say: if only we started in the naughties Large profits are made in…

Quote: Frank Gehry on your best work

“Your best work is your expression of yourself. When you do it, you’re the only expert in it”…

We’re in business!

Business is simply the exchange of value What does the word ‘business’ bring to mind for you? I used…


What is value?

A thing becomes valuable when we perceive we are getting more from it than what we are giving for it.

The greater the difference, the greater the value.

A safe, secure job

Go to school, get a degree then get yourself a safe, secure job – Mum and Dad Safe,…

Industrial Age Economics

You can have any colour you want as long as its black – Henry Ford The Industrial Age…

Quote: Seth Godin on starting

“Every great band started off playing covers” Seth Godin


Arbitrage exists when information in one market can be used to your advantage in another market before the…

Quote: Eben Pagan on getting inside the mind of your customer

If you can describe the prospects problem better than they can, they will automatically and unconsciously ascribe you…

[Video] How to get 15% more Conversions for 35% less: SNDS

Last month, Google quietly rolled out a significant new feature to Adwords: SNDS.

It is Google’s answer to Search Advertisers who would like some of the extra benefits from display but can’t be bothered building out and performancing Display Campaigns.

It is also proof that Google continues to suffer from terrible naming syndrome.

[Video] TEDx: The Future of Search (Advertising)

In this TEDx talk, SEO Marcus Tandler looks at the history of Search and extrapolates based on what has happened up to now.

Some great insights shared and for those reading between the lines, inside the future of Google Search lies the future of Adwords.

How does this change your Adwords advertising?

[Video] How Tim Ferriss used Adwords to sell 1.35m copies of ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’

Tim Ferriss famously used Adwords to split test the name of the book that would eventually become ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’.

While writing the book he ran a $200 Adwords campaign rotating 6 different ads each containing potential book titles, including …

Quote: Wyatt Woodsmall on introducing anything new

People want to be affirmed in what they already know. Instead of teaching something new, connect two things…

[Film] Art & Copy

As I was doing some research for an upcoming speaking engagement, I discovered that one of my favourite advertising documentaries, Art & Copy by Doug Pray, is available online to watch on vimeo (whether legally or not is another question!).

Quotes: David Ogilvy on Copywriting Headlines

On average, 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that…

[Infographic] The impact of Ads on Mobile

As every Adwords account around Australia comes to terms with the Enhanced upgrade d-day on Monday 22, its…

What makes ads worth spreading?

As much as Adwords is an incredible advertising delivery mechanism, it can only ever be as good as your advertising itself.

In this video Youtube and TED asks the creators of some of the most popular viral videos of last year the question:

“What makes ads worth spreading?”

[Infographic] How the Adwords auction works

Interesting Infographic from Wordstream on how the Adwords auction works. If you’re interested in learning more, watch this…

Art, Copy & Code – the advertising revolution of our generation

A few years ago, one of my favourite feature length documentaries was released.

Called “Art & Copy“, this documentary walked us through some of the most iconic advertising of the past few decades – revealing how revolutionary it was for both the Artist and Copywriter to come together creatively to influence and persuade our thinking.

4 Man Intensive, Hong Kong with Perry Marshall

An Irishman, German and Scotsman who live in Thailand; an American who lives in Spain, a London born Malaysian-Chinese and a German who lives in Australia all walk into a boardroom in Hong Kong …

…for Perry Marshall’s famous 2 day, ‘4 Man Intensive’.

Quotes: David Ogilvy on creativity and sales

When I write an advertisement, I dont want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative’. I…

[Video] Google announces Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Today, Google announces Enhanced Campaigns for Adwords.

In a nutshell Enhanced Campaigns allows the advertiser to show different ads to the same user – depending on the context (location, device, and time of day) of where/how the user is searching.

Quotes: Eben Pagan on Value

You will only ever be paid for the value you create – from the customer’s perspective. Eben Pagan

[Slidedeck] The Future of Digital

Business Intelligence on the future of digital including:

[Film] Google Project Re:Brief

What would happen if you took the most iconic Advertising Creative Directors of the 60’s and 70’s and asked them to translate, re-interpret and adapt their best work for the internet today?

[Infographic from Google] Impact of Organic Ranking on Ad Clicks

Interesting Infographic from Google released today: Impact of Organic Ranking on Ad Clicks. “89% of the visits to the…

Quotes: Leonardo DiCaprio on the ideavirus

What is the most viral bacteria? An idea. Once lodged in your brain it is impossible to extract….

How Perry Marshall has influenced your adwords

Who is Perry Marshall and how has he influenced your adwords? If you’ve spent any time researching or…