If you’re creating content for your audience – ads, blog posts, YouTubes etc – there will inevitably be a gap between yourself and your market.

For most marketers, that gap is typically the difference between what you know you would delight your customer vs what the potential customer thinks they know about your offering.

The job of your content is to bridge this gap.

Your content needs to start with where your target market is at – their mindset, their desires, their hopes, their worldview – and then lead them to the solution you believe you hold to their frustrations.

When your customers are consuming their content, at the beginning they should be nodding in agreement, almost subconsciously acknowledging: “you get me”.

For marketing simple, transactional, one page e-commerce purchases, this gap may be filled simply with appropriate art and copy for the target market.

The larger the gap (or the less transactional), the more this gap is better filled over time, in relationship (ie. blogs, memberships, newsletters, webinars, forums).

Don’t start by telling your story, start by telling theirs.

Only once you have established rapport/connection, then weave your story in.

Please mind the gap.

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