Pricing: Our “No Hidden Fees” Promise

Pricing: Our “No Hidden Fees” Promise

It may take you by surprise to hear we have a “No Hidden Surprises” fee policy.

You may even question what ‘Hidden Surprises’ we could even be referring to.

Unfortunately the rapid development of Digital Ad Technology and plain unscrupulous business behaviour by some in our industry have tarnished our industry and allowed some of these hidden practises to catch out many an unwary client.

For the record, when we say “No Hidden Fees” we mean that we at Intentional:

  • Do not accept any Cash Rebates, Commissions or Kickbacks.
  • Do not participate in any Value Bank activity.
  • Do not run an Agency Trading Desk.
  • Have Zero Exit Fees or Penalties.
  • Give you the keys to your own advertising accounts.
  • Do not subsidise poor performing or low cost advertising with income earned from other non-advertising related work.

Our “No Hidden Fees” policy is designed to completely align our business interests with yours.

In plain english, we don’t earn money unless your digital advertising delivers results.

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