Proximity and authenticity

Woolworths Anzac Day campaign was by far the most public social media fail, but by no means the only #brandzac marketing crime.

Marketers could learn how not to do social media by reading all the fallout.

Perhaps one of the more vocal views held by the industry has been that Woolworths aligned its brand too closely with Anzac Day.

Brand proximity isn’t the issue – authenticity is.

Because fans are now in relationship with Brands, it becomes obvious when a Brand all of a sudden changes tune and tone – particularly when this has virtually nothing to do with the reason they followed the brand in the first place.

Brands shouldn’t be afraid of aligning too closely with Anzac Day (or any event/issue), as long as the connection is authentic and aligns with your backstory – from your follower’s point of view.

Don’t take your followers where they don’t want to go.

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6 years ago

Great analysis. I love your insights.