Brands used to spend the majority of the year in planning and creating, for 1 large scale execution that would reach the masses. For most brands this was make or break, all in or nothing.

Today, brands execute hundreds of small scale campaigns to reach a targeted audience. The risk per campaign is perceived as low and most of the pressure comes not from success but from maintaining frequency.

While the once or twice a year campaign approach will no longer work. There are some fundamental elements that are being lost in today’s manic world.

The focus on Big Ideas, measuring advertising impact on brand/sales, and maintaining excellence in execution.

Due to the frequency pressure on marketers today, excellence is no longer seen as a key attribute – we need to return to quality over quantity.

The social media experts will tell you to post at least daily, some demanding multiple scheduled posts in a day per channel.

Heck, even Facebook is now measuring community managers on response times!

Let’s take a breath and remember, we are not trying to game the system – success is not in short term reach, engagement or clicks.

We are in relationship with our fans – the goal is long term connection.

As with any relationship you help define the terms – the appropriate methods, the frequency and the quality of your communication.

Think of your fans as friends.

Then decide how would you like to communicate with these friends, how do you think they would like to communicate with you?

Define your rules of engagement that you can manage. Give them your best as often as you can.

Aim for excellence but always show love.

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