If we only ever cater to people’s whats-in-it-for-me filter, won’t we just be feeding an ever increasingly self-centered consumerist society?

In the one-way, broadcast Industrial Age, the answer is yes.

The opportunity that the Connection Economy brings is… relationship.

To be sure, we still need to get past our consumer’s Wii-FM filter, but once an initial ‘sell’ is made (eg. they followed you on social media or downloaded your app), we are now connected in relationship.

Now you can start drip feeding what you know they ‘need’ over time.

This allows you to address layers far deeper than their immediate, short-sighted perhaps superficial ‘wants’.

With this great power comes great responsibility.

Now that you can do this, where are you taking them?

ps. You can’t take someone anywhere you haven’t been yourself

HT to Eben Pagan for crystallising this phrase which we use on a regular basis.

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