‘Set & Forget’ was the promise of the Industrial Economy – that if one was able to setup processes well enough, one could leave the system to do its thing and get consistent results month in, month out.

‘Set & Forget’ works incredibly well for inanimate things – objects, processes, systems.

‘Set & Forget’ fails spectacularly in the one area that matters most in today’s Connection Economyrelationship.

Imagine building your relationship with your significant other by only sending scheduled, calendered, prerecorded messages timed for peak open rates.

‘Set & Forget’ is the enemy of human connection. If a goal for your marketing strategy is to formulate a predictable ‘Set & Forget’ system, your ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

The good news is that knowing this, there are also friends of human connection: authenticity, vulnerability, risk, spontaneity, fun, surprise, generosity, randomness, variety, romance, art.

Lean your marketing ladder on this wall and climb safely for years to come.

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