Single Keyword Ad Groups

Single Keyword Ad Groups


SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups) is a term you may hear us talking about at Intentional.

This refers to an Ad Group structure we use for all Search – including Adwords and Bing.

True to its name, what this means is that every Intentional Search Ad Group only has a single keyword. Not all agencies use this structure (Ad Groups can actually have as many keywords as you like) because enforcing SKAGs multiplies the amount of work involved in every account.

The reason we insist on SKAGs is that, despite the extra work involved, it gives us the highest level of control in order to ensure a clear Line of Sight, for every keyword in every account.

Without SKAGs we lose granularity and therefore lose full control of the ultimate purpose of Advertising:

To show the right message to the right person at the right time so they can take the right action

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