Single line ads in gmail: Ikea Example

Here’s an example of an advanced Adwords sniper tactic: the Single Line Gmail Ad.

Gmail ads have always been a useful Adwords sniper tactic for the simple reason that you can target keywords in people’s emails.

Imagine if your potential customers were writing emails to competitors, suppliers, colleagues, friends or family around the topic of the very product or service you offer?

Then imagine your ad showing specifically when that email is being read and replied to.

Talk about relevancy!

Single line Gmail ads take this relevant targeting to another level because you can bypass the traditional, multi-line ads and craft a single, combined benefit that reads as one line – just like IKEA has done in the screencap above.

In order to get single line Gmail ads working, IKEA’s adwords consultant has:

  • Placed this ad within a campaign targeting the Display Network only, and
  • Only targeted the ‘, Top center’ Manual Placement, and
  • Has thought through and clearly communicated the benefit & Call-To-Action in a way that makes sense when this ad is viewed as a single line.

What is unknown about this ad from merely viewing it is:

  • Has this ad been keyword targeted as well? (Possible, because I’m in the process of selling a sofa and have emailed friends who may be needing a sofa), and/or
  • Has this campaign been demographically targeted? ie. does this ad show to anyone who is, say over 25 years old but below 45?
  • Has this campaign been geographically targeted? ie. to anyone who lives within, say 10 kms of an IKEA store?
  • Have many ads been written within this campaign, of which this has proven to be the best ‘control’? ie. result in the highest conversions?

Such more explicit targeting would no doubt narrow down the target market, but assuming acceptable volumes, would no doubt increase the CTR and therefor decrease the average CPC/CPM.

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