Skeuomorphism occurs when designers incorporate concepts and ideas from existing things to help consumers navigate and understand how to use completely new things.

Last month, Google made a big splash with a very conspicuous rebrand, but actually, this was a smaller part of the much larger Google Material Design initiative.

With Material Design, Google designers are deconstructing how consumers interact with Google properties from first principles – leaving no stone unturned and any area of Skeuomorphic thinking open to challenge.

In a similar way, for Brand marketers to stay relevant in our new Connection Economy, its healthy to challenge ourselves:

    • What worked for us in print, outdoor, TV etc that we are simply copying-and-pasting to the online space?
    • What have we carried over from the old into the new because its easy or familiar?
    • How is digital unique and do we have a marketing expression to specifically take advantage of this uniqueness?
    • If we were starting from scratch online today, would we do it this way? (Because startup disruptors probably wouldn’t)
    • What sacred cows are we holding on to… and why?

Just as TV is more than radio with pictures, the web is more than TV with a keyboard/touchscreen.

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