A Big Mac tastes the same all over the world

The strength of McDonalds is that no matter where you are in the world, you know a Big Mac will taste like a Big Mac.

Standardisation, consistency and predictability is essential in physical goods/FMCG brands since global travel has never been easier – there would be a broken brand promise if a brand acted (or tasted) one way in one country and a different way in a different country.

But things are very different when it comes to the online world.

In the online world, as soon you release digital content online – its the same all over the world at the same time. You don’t need to worry that downloaders in one country/region will get a different ‘taste’ of your product compared to those in a different country/region.

In the Connection Economy, standardisation, consistency and predictability are boring.

Standard, consistent, predictable content over time will eventually be ignored in favour of art – content that is fresh, changes the conversation, challenges our preconceived ideas.

Sure, create internal standard operating procedures (the how) to ensure you consistently deliver – but no matter how good your Big Mac (the what), don’t keep giving us the same burger over and over again.

Beware of solvingĀ Connection Economy problems with Industrial Age thinking.

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