The law of Supply and Demand states that:

  • The greater the supply and the lower the demand, the lower the price will be, and conversely
  • The lower the supply and the greater the demand, the higher the price will be

Thanks to decades of Industrial production and efficiencies, what used to be in low supply – things – we now have in abundance. Because we have so much of everything, the cost of things has been coming down – an ongoing race to the bottom.

What is in low supply today is the opposite of productivity and efficiency – waste, risk, wonder, enchantment, surprise, delight, daring, gall, reckless abandonment, selflessness. (This list is by no means exhaustive).

Because of their low supply, content that embodies traits like these is remarkable. We simply have to see/like/comment/share this as we can’t help but respond to the humanity underlying the content.

Demand increases.

The good news here is that, unlike producing more things, creating content that puts the best of humanity on display doesn’t necessarily cost more dollars.

The cost is a shift in mindset.

Brands that win will be those who make this shift and create what’s in low supply, high demand and therefore of high value in today’s Connection Economy.

Create the Best for the Least for the Most.

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