The coming of age study profiled on Tuesday also included some incredible figures on multi screen activity in millennials:

  • Using an average 5 screens per day &
  • 79% agree they mostly use a mobile device while watching TV

The challenge for marketers is to now ensure a consistent and clear message across so many screens. Its the visual equivalent of ‘Surround Sound’ – to provide an optimal experience no matter where someone is seated.

Continuing the 5.1 channel surround sound analogy, ‘Surround Sight’ might look like:

  • The Movie/DVD = Your brand story, narrative, creative, audience journey
  • Center = TV Spot for awareness, call to action to visit microsite
  • Front Left = Microsite competition page
  • Front Right = Facebook recap video of ‘In Real Life’ event
  • Rear Left = Instagram product shot
  • Rear Right = Twitter conversation in #tvspot
  • Subwoofer (.1) = Word of mouth, existing brand perception

Each of the 5.1 channels aren’t isolated from one another – but they add up together to create the overall experience.

And just as 5.1 channels have pushed up to 6.1, 7.1 and even 9.1, so too will the available online channels keep growing in years to come.

The trick is to be clear on the narrative you’re telling – get that part right and channel placements become a technicality.

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