Last week the world watched in awe as a 26 year old with a Tumblr and Twitter account stood up to Apple and made them do an about face.

Of course, this wasn’t your average 26 year old, this was Taylor Swift, queen of the internet. And her army of Swifties.

Watching this Swift blow to Apple, I realised that one of our core Connection Economy maxims was wrong.

We often mention that “the highest and best use of the web was to bring relationship to art”.

Taylor Swift made me realise I was only seeing a partial truth. In actuality:

The highest and best use of the web is to bring relationship to artists

If the artist keeps growing, the art keeps flowing.

Presumably, fans follow Taylor Swift for her music.

Last week, Taylor Swift took fans on a journey beyond her art.

Following her they collectively became Giant Killers.

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