In 2003, General Stanley McChrystal lead the US task force assigned to defeat the Al Qaeda threat in Afghanistan.

Despite having more money, technology, experience, training, discipline, weapons and resources than the enemy, he faced the confronting reality that the US was losing.


We were an outstanding 20th century organisation but that was of little use in the 21st century

– General Stanley McChrystal


An honest evaluation revealed that the military was perfectly built for a nation to go to war against a nation, but incapable of dealing with decentralised terror cells.

In short, they were an Industrial Economy giant losing to Connection Economy startups.

Team of Teams is the story of how General Stanley McChrystal changed the very DNA of the military over several years in order to fulfill the mission.


In order to defeat a network, we became a network

– General Stanley McChrystal


Team of Teams is a thrilling, articulate, immensely interesting and occasionally heart stopping read – General Stanley McChrystal obviously talks from military experience but at the same time masterfully draws countless parallels from history, sports, business and even NASA.

Marketing is specifically mentioned nowhere, yet is everywhere – the truths contained in every page of this book having direct relevance to the online marketing world.

Team of Teams is a Connection Economy lifeline to Industrial Economy organisations.

I’m declaring Team of Teams as the marketing book of the year.

ps. The audiobook version also includes chapter summaries read by General Stanley McChrystal himself.

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