10 Lessons in 10 Years:
Google & Facebook

For over a decade, we’ve been the specialist online ad agency secretly powering some of Australia’s leading brands online.

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Over the years, we’ve been so single mindedly focused on advertising others, we practically never stop to advertise ourselves – but we figured that Ten years is definitely a milestone worth pausing for, reflecting on and celebrating!

As part of our Birthday celebrations, we took the opportunity to collate our Top Ten lessons that we’ve learned from Ten Years of converting potential online for some of Australia’s leading Brands.

Here’s our top lesson (of many) that we’ve learned from partnering with Google and Facebook.

Before Google Partners …

For over a decade we have consistently punched well above our weight with Digital Advertising – attracting the attention of the two major platforms we work with daily: Google and Facebook.

Perhaps showing our age, we were ‘partners’ with Google even before the Google Partners program existed. We were part of the original Australian cohort of the Google Engage program – which eventually became the Google Partners program.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

African Proverb

In all transparency, both the Google Engage and early Google Partners programs were very Google-centric almost to the detriment of agencies and clients.

Intentional 10th Birthday Highlight

$108m+ in Direct Acquisition Value driven for clients in 10+ years

There was very little provided by Google in terms of assistance – and our Representatives were both outsourced in Manila and kept churning every few months resulting in very little consistency of support.

Some would only contact us to ask us if we had any new clients we could tell them about (in other words, can we help Google meet their sales KPIs).

Clearly not a very ‘Engaging’ program to be a part of from a Client or Agency perspective.

Partnering with Google

This all changed in 2016 when we were invited to become part of Google’s first Australian cohort of a new ‘tier’ – the Google Premier Partners program.

The difference was night and day. Under the Google Premier Partners program, we had two dedicated Australian Google Reps: one to assist with Client Success and one to assist with Technical Operations – essentially Google counterparts for our Accounts and Operations teams.

Since their inception, Intentional have continually put their client’s results first. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on our platform

Sarah Rundle, Google

We would also meet quarterly and put together a Joint Business Plan where we share our clients’ quarterly growth plans and strategise with Google about how to best to move the dial together. Part of these conversations can include Private Betas where we work with Google and Clients on new Google Ads features not available to the general public.

Having now been a Tier 1 Google Premier Partner for five years, we can say the experience has been net positive.

Intentional 10th Birthday Highlight

$36m+ in Digital Ad Spend under management in 10+ years

Being a part of the Google Premier Partners program requires certain compliance to Google standards on our side that we are held accountable to – so we also get the occasional kick up the bum from Google if we’re not executing to Best Practise, or if our team’s Google Certifications (we must take annual exams!) are in danger of lapsing.

Occasionally a conflict of interest may arise between Google’s recommendations and our clients’ goals – and in these cases, we make clear our reasons for siding with the client and (now) Google is respectful of this, understanding that the long term client relationship is more important than a short term KPI. Most of the time, conflicts are minor as they more come down to technicals and strategy for a given situation.

We also get access to Priority Technical Support – so if we have an issue on a client account, we can escalate this far quicker than outside the Premier Partners program.

Partnering with Facebook

Facebook has followed Google closely and instituted a similar change. In 2018 we were invited to become part of Facebook’s first Australian cohort of their new Facebook PRO Marketing Partners program.

Exactly as our experience with Google, this marked a night and day difference in the resources that Facebook would devote to work ‘with us’ rather than having us work ‘for them’.

The Intentional ACD framework is a perfect alignment for clients looking to nail Performance Branding on Facebook

Monika Pietrowski

Similarly, we have two dedicated Australian Facebook Reps/Counterparts for our agency, and we run Quarterly Business Reviews to align our Client’s growth plans with Facebook’s resources, and have access to Priority Support.

If you want to go far, go together …

Between both the Google Premier Partners program and the Facebook PRO Marketing Partners program – we now feel like we are ‘partnering up’.

You will become the average of the five closest people around you

Jim Rohn

Together, we have been able to tackle far more challenging Advertising and Marketing Client briefs – and do so armed with more support, Industry Benchmarking and resources to ensure our clients are on the front foot.

Like the African proverb – we (our clients and our agency) have been able to go much further than we ever thought we could, because we’ve done so … together.

Your turn

Time to get Intentional?

We exist to help your Brand convert its full potential online.

For our 10th birthday, Intentional has been celebrating what can be achieved in Ten Years. We’ve collated our top ten lessons from ten years working with some of Australia’s leading brands.

Over to you now! What can you see happening in the next ten years?

What can you do In Ten?

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To keep growing toward our potential, we have to be intentional

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