10 Lessons in 10 Years:
Le Rose

For over a decade, we’ve been the specialist online ad agency secretly powering some of Australia’s leading brands online.

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Over the years, we’ve been so single mindedly focused on advertising others, we practically never stop to advertise ourselves – but we figured that Ten years is definitely a milestone worth pausing for, reflecting on and celebrating!

As part of our Birthday celebrations, we took the opportunity to collate our Top Ten lessons that we’ve learned from Ten Years of converting potential online for some of Australia’s leading Brands.

Here’s our top lesson that we’ve learned from working with Aussie wunderkind Le Rose.

Working with Le Rose

One of the joys in working with entrepreneurs so closely is seeing what often starts as a dream, becoming a wildly successful enterprise.

There is nothing of significance that you can do by yourself

Phil Jackson

For Kristy & Helen, Le Rose truly is a labour of love. Still to this day at peak times you will find one or both on the embroidery machines, monogramming the initials of a bride and her bridesmaids.

Intentional 10th Birthday Highlight

$36m+ in Digital Ad Spend under management in 10+ years

When we first began working with Le Rose in late 2016, the business was primarily driven by sales through Etsy.

Our brief was to help build awareness of Le Rose as a brand, to help transfer customers to purchase direct from their .com and .com.au stores. With Etsy they were limited as they were only able to gain exposure based on product searches, with a difficulty to differentiate between themselves and the flurry of knock offs that were copy-catting them on the platform.

Do mix Business with Friendship

The Le Rose range caters around the Bride and her Bridesmaids getting ready in the morning of the big day. The passion of this purchase for the customer is not your standard Direct-To-Consumer product! And where our initial thoughts lay in the Bride being the main customer/shopper, the reality is that this purchase is a highly emotive group buying decision.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

African Proverb

Average order quantities are multiples of what we would see for a regular DTC brand! The pressure on the quality of each garment, the necessity for the prints/dyes to be identical, for the monogramming to be identical, plus delivered on time was an unenviable task.

Intentional 10th Birthday Highlight

In 10+ years, we have served:
65+ Brands,
In over 13 Countries,
Working in 6 Currencies

However, we learned a lot about Kristy & Helen’s friendship: their years working together in fashion & textiles, the chance to discover each other’s strengths and play to them, their shared love for quality fabrics and their incredible attention to detail. And ultimately the generosity they have in their approach to life, we realised that the Le Rose brand and it’s products were birthed out of this friendship. And is what made the most powerful Unique Selling Proposition!

Le Rose truly is a labour of love.

Instead of accepting the unspoken adage to not work with family and friends, Kristy & Helen made this the fabric of the brand.

As a result, on their special day, Brides & Bridesmaids all around the world now wear garments made of the highest quality, with impeccable attention to detail that came from long nights, extra weekends, hours spent on embroidery machines… which all comes first from the friendship of Helen & Kristy.

Your turn

Time to get Intentional?

We exist to help your Brand convert its full potential online.

For our 10th birthday, Intentional has been celebrating what can be achieved in Ten Years. We’ve collated our top ten lessons from ten years working with some of Australia’s leading brands.

Over to you now! What can you see happening in the next ten years?

What can you do In Ten?

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To keep growing toward our potential, we have to be intentional

John Maxwell

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