10 Lessons in 10 Years:

For over a decade, we’ve been the specialist online ad agency secretly powering some of Australia’s leading brands online.

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Over the years, we’ve been so single mindedly focused on advertising others, we practically never stop to advertise ourselves – but we figured that Ten years is definitely a milestone worth pausing for, reflecting on and celebrating!

So we took the opportunity to collate our Top 10 Lessons that we’ve learned from 10 Years of converting potential online for some of Australia’s leading Brands.

Here’s our top lesson (of many) that we’ve learned from our years of working alongside Thankyou.

Working with Thankyou

One of our favourite Brands that we love working with is Thankyou. We’ve been part of their digital advertising journey almost from the very beginning and we couldn’t have been prouder to have partnered with them on some of Australia’s biggest online campaigns:

Intentional 10th Birthday Highlight

$108m+ in Direct Acquisition Value driven for clients in 10+ years

One of the things we love about working with Thankyou is that whenever we leave a meeting with them, both parties leave feeling even more inspired!

We’ve helped them a lot over the years, but we’ve learned a lot from them as well. In fact, we’ve even blogged about our interactions with them as a client over the years several times – noting their thoughts on how to use social media, their constant generosity and that they live their values behind the scenes when no one is watching.

Dream Big, Risk in Public

Perhaps the biggest lesson we’ve learned from them is to both Dream Big, but Risk in Public.

A lot of Brands do dream and plan big but a lot of that dreaming and planning happens behind closed doors. So even if the plan works, the public never really knew the cost.

But in every one of Thankyou’s ‘dream’ campaigns, the gauntlet was thrown down extremely publicly with:

  • a clear goal,
  • a set date, and
  • no safety net.

Nobody knew from the outset whether each audacious goal could be reached as none of them had ever been done before. Everyone following on Social Media could see in real time as each deadline drew closer, whether the dream goal was within reach – or not.

A lot of brands dream big — but the dreaming and planning happens behind closed doors

This created huge risk for the Brand upfront, no question. But also created both drama and urgency for everyone following on Social Media as the clock ticked. The closer the deadline, the greater the drama.

The risk and the urgency fueled the advocacy – which turned passive followers into active advocates, heightening social chatter and those all-important brand/campaign mentions earned media, all the way through to the big deadline.

From a digital advertising point of view, the effect of this is that the Return on Ad Spend invested into ads get multiplied:

Intentional 10th Birthday Highlight

In 10+ years, we’ve served:
65+ Brands,
In 13 Countries,
Working in 6 Currencies

The combination of Dreaming Big but also Risking in Public turns the Brand’s goal into the Brand’s community’s goal – transferring ownership of each Campaign from the Brand to all of us.

Thankyou’s wins weren’t just Thankyou’s, they became all of ours as well.

All the while getting more Reach at a cheaper Cost per Result.


Your turn

Time to get Intentional?

We exist to help your Brand convert its full potential online.

For our 10th birthday, Intentional has been celebrating what can be achieved in Ten Years. We’ve collated our top ten lessons from ten years working with some of Australia’s leading brands.

Over to you now! What can you see happening in the next ten years?

What can you do In Ten?

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