In September, the Baubax travel jacket raised $9 million in crowdfunding making it the most funded clothing project and the 4th most funded project of any kind in Kickstarter history.

How did a glorified hoodie cause anyone to even raise an eyebrow much less set Kickstarter funding records?

From the outset, what sets the Baubax ‘Worlds best travel jacket’ apart is made clear even in the name – this jacket is not for everybody.

This is the best jacket in the world solely for those who travel.

As such this jacket can do a whole lot of things one never thought one needed a jacket to do – but for those constantly traveling, these frivolous features (like a blow up pillow in the hood) all of a sudden make a whole lot of sense.

For the same reason, there’s a whole bunch of things this jacket won’t do – like set the fashion world on fire. But that’s fine – its not supposed to. Again, this jacket is not for everybody – fashionistas need not apply.

By defining who’s out, those left on the inside are the passionate ones, the ones who travel more than everyone else, the vital few who are prepared to pay more to see their travel problems solved.

To this global, starving tribe, Baubax were easily able to justify selling a $20 hoodie for $100.

And thus, go viral in our Connection Economy.

Kudos to Baubax for creating the best for the least for the most.

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