Charles & Ray Eames were designers of arguably the most famous furniture of all time.

Their motto (clarifications mine) was to:

“Create the best (products) for the most (people) for the least (cost)”

Although admirable, this motto was built on postwar America’s Industrial Age – reliant on economies of scale, mass consumerism and interruption advertising.

Today, with society’s splintered long-tail interests, it is fast becoming uneconomical to attempt to reach ‘most people’ for ‘least cost’.

Brands that are attempting to do this are involved in an unsustainable race to the bottom – in trying to please everyone, they can’t make/sell products that please anyone specifically.

Today, the Connection Economy has given us the tools to make a difference to small, fanatical tribes.

The sustainable way to keep us fans on your journey over the long term is for you to be involved in a race to the top:

Create the Best for the Least for the Most.

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