Every artist is familiar with the dreaded blank page.

“What am I going to do today? How do I even start? I have nothing… ”

Of course, its not the page that’s the problem – its the fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of risk, fear of rejection, the list goes on.

It is the continual overcoming of this fear (“feel the fear and do it anyway”) that produces art – and to a large part is what we respond to when we recognise art. Its the human spirit contained in the art that moves us, that connects us, that engages us.

Have our marketing systems and procedures become so good, so polished, so systematised that we have removed and protected ourselves and our staff from feeling the fear?

If our work falls into this category, this is the first sign of a slow, impending Connected Economy death.

Rather than shielding ourselves from fear, how can we keep positioning ourselves to put out work so risky, it makes us afraid?

Embrace dreading the blank page.

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