Its easy to make the assumption that since your brand is on facebook or twitter, you’re automatically operating in Connection Economics.

In reality, most brands are awkwardly using Industrial techniques in a Connection environment.

In the short term, Industrial marketing techniques may still work, but fall well short of the highest and best use of connection. In the long term, such techniques will eventually be filtered out of the algorithms making current day Industrial brands extinct – open to disruption by true Connection Economy startups.

Here’s a simple 3 question test to see if your brand is, in reality, a Connection Economy brand:

The Connection Test

  1. Do you invest more into The Relationship Bank Account with your fans than you withdraw?
  2. Do you rally your 1000 True Fans together and treat them differently to regular fans?
  3. Does your product/service get exponentially better for each fan, the more fans that you have?
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