What if you were the world’s fastest one hundred and five meter sprinter?

Industrial age thinking meant we all waited 4 years to direct the world’s attention to 1 event to find out who was the fastest to 100 meters.

But what if your combination of fast and slow twitch muscles, training and diet made you the world’s most perfect 105m machine – but could never win you the sacred 100m dash?

Who picked 100m anyway? Why this round yet arbitrary number? Why is 100m the distance that satisfies our need for ‘fastest’? Why not 105m? or 95m?

In today’s Connection Economy, we no longer need to wait 4 years for 1 event to compete to a standard that somebody else determined.

Now we can gather all the world’s best 105m sprinters (or Perfectly Timed Photographers or Unhappy Hipsters or <insert your niche of niche>) and hold our own event.

Are you the world’s fastest 105m sprinter?


Change the game.


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