This week, Malcolm Turnbull made an announcement startling in its breadth and vision – in the form of our new National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The government has made sweeping changes and set aside over $1b of reforms over 4 years across industry, taxation, education, research, funding, even immigration in order to skew favour towards disruptive tech startups.

“We need to support new businesses that disrupt and challenge the status quo” – National Innovation & Science Agenda

In one fell swoop, our Prime Minister (who is no stranger to business) has drawn a line in the sand to shift Australia’s traditional reliance away from Industry & Resources and towards ideas, innovation & disruption.

The good news is that this now puts Australia on a more even playing field compared to other nations whose Governments have recognised the world’s shift towards a Connection Economy and have incentivised & nurtured entrepreneurs and startups accordingly. These incentives are about to add fuel to the fire that already exists in Australia’s tech/startup community of brilliant, lean, disruptive startups – this is definitely a move in the right direction for us as a nation.

If even the Australian Government – the slowest of all behemoths – is recognising, valuing and incentivising Connection Economy disruptors, its the warning sign that Brands better be ten steps ahead.

If you haven’t already, disrupt or be disrupted.

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