The Internet ‘A List’

There is a small group of 12 ‘underground’ Internet Marketers who have mastered the art of global email marketing, affiliate marketing and online product launches.

I call these individuals the Internet Marketing ‘A List’.

Some of the members of this ‘A List’ have been testing & refining online marketing techniques, starting with only email, since the mid 90s.

Today, 20 years later, its not unusual for each of them to make six figures doing an online product launch in just four weeks.

Each of these ‘A Listers’ coordinate their product launches around a calendar schedule, each one careful not to overlap/interfere with the other’s product launch. Since they all make affiliate commissions from selling each other’s products, they curiously live both in competition with each other and in cooperation with each other – everyone’s (continually growing) email list of million plus members is directed and concentrated towards the current ‘product launch of the month’.

So what can ‘regular’ brands learn from the secret world of the Internet Marketing ‘A List’?

Since we now live in a Connected Economy, we’ve said many times: ‘He who leads the tribe wins’.

But observing the Internet Marketing ‘A List’, this game is now old. The new game is to ‘lead the tribe leaders’.

If you haven’t started building and rallying your tribe, you’re already late to this party – you simply must start now.

The real game today, is to rally complementary industry influencers and lead your niche’s A List.

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