Blog Posts via Snail Mail

Photo Credit: YaaL via Compfight cc

Lets face it, its not only our Twitter and Facebook streams that move so quickly that we miss important updates.

Our email inboxes have also gotten to the point where we miss important emails.

The last inbox that still moves slow enough that we can check it daily is – our snail mail letterbox.

So if you’re receiving my blog posts via email yet still feel guilty for missing my emails, I’ve got a special treat just for you.

For today only, I’m offering you a chance to upgrade your subscription and receive my blog posts saved on beautiful 5.25 inch Floppy Disks delivered daily to your snail mail letterbox.

Now you have no excuse to miss a blog post and best of all, its free!

To upgrade your subscription, simply forward your snail mail address to: [email protected]

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