As you grow, you become more and more of who you already are.
– Marcus Buckingham

Pursuing your calling, making your unique dent in the universe as Steve Jobs would say, is often a Catch 22.

Often, it is hard to enter into your calling until you have the finances to allow you to do so.

Yet you often can’t earn an income from your calling until you have been actively in it for many years.

So it becomes easier to hold off on pursuing your calling until you have the finances to support yourself.

What gets overlooked here is the Miracle of Compound Interest.

Just like interest in a bank, the effects of pursuing your calling compounds over time.

Regardless of whether you are operating in your calling or not the same rule holds true: the more you do what you do, the stronger the neural pathways you build in your brain to get better at what you do, the more the Network Effect builds you a reputation for what you do, the more you get categorised in other people’s minds for what you do, the more referrals you get for what you do.

Many successful small business owners experience this after a few years of doing the ‘hard yards’ to the point where they’ve built up a referral base and no longer need to advertise.

In the Connection Economy, the Network Effect of word of mouth means referral bases that used to take years can now take months, if not weeks.

With compound interest, the longer that saving is deferred the more it must be overcompensated for later on in order to makeup for lost time and reach the same end goal.

The same is true for pursuing your calling.

Start today.

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