There’s much buzz regarding the rise of the Internet of Things and rightfully so.

However as has been the trend in every other area disrupted by the web, the real breakthrough for most brands won’t be the machine to machine communication that can occur when all of our devices are connected to the internet (though there will be *massive* transformative value here).

The real opportunity for brands will be the *human* connections facilitated by us all having our devices connected to the web.

Ten years ago, Nike introduced the Nike+ sensor which was a GPS enabled chip that synced to your iPod and allowed you to track your running – essentially connecting your shoes to the Internet of Things. The revolution though, wasn’t that now your shoes can communicate with everyone else’s shoes, but the human connections formed through (virtual) run clubs and competitions that came out of being able to share your run data with other runners – other people just like you.

Suddenly you were no longer running alone, but your formerly private run was now gamified and social.

The Internet of Things actually isn’t about an Internet of ‘Things’ at all.

Its actually about The Internet of human connection between people who own the same ‘Things’.

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