The New Sales Funnel

The traditional Industrial Economy sales funnel/buying cycle has a number of tiers with the goal of marketing to progress your target market through each tier of the funnel:

In today’s Connection Economy we still have this funnel, but since customers can now be in relationship with brands (and other customers) over time, the New Sales Funnel looks like:

Marketing in today’s Connection Economy, therefore, no longer stops when people make a buying decision.

The end goal of marketing now is to create products/services that are so remarkable, that customers become such fans, they can’t help but convince everyone else they know to also get on board (and be smart, cool, trendy etc, just like them).

Even though the New Sales Funnel extends 3 tiers on the old, because of the very different end goal, this fundamentally changes who you reach in the original 5 tiers and how you reach them.

You can’t just bolt on an extra three tiers, you need to design all 7 tiers to work towards the same goal.

Begin with the end in mind.

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6 years ago

Adam, are there distinct stages for a target’s progress through the stages?

Does someone who progresses from Decision through Fan, True Fan and finally to Ambassador carry more weight in their evangelism than a customer who vaults directly to Ambassador?

(i.e. Should I be seeking to progress everyone neatly through all stages, seeking all contacts at all levels, or going Get Rich Quick with the vaulter?)

I know who’d I’d listen to more, but fashion perhaps dictates otherwise 😉

6 years ago

Sorry, I mangled that first line –
Is there a preferred path for a target’s progress through the stages?

6 years ago
Reply to  Adam Sugihto

I suppose I had High St in mind when I was thinking on this. We routinely see new cafés open and either go directly to totally full, or sit there like a wasteland, with very little in-between in the opening weeks. Which, I suspect, is partly a result of highly fashionable Ambassadors raving about a place even though the relationship is pretty shallow so far. We’ve had bartenders tell us ‘you HAVE to keep changing it up, or else you die’, which is pretty sad, but perhaps that’s either THE business, or at least the sector they were into. I… Read more »