The Peter Principle states that within any company, managers are promoted to their level of incompetence.

This makes perfect sense – the gifts and talents that get someone noticed as a technician aren’t necessarily the same gifts and talents needed at an Executive Management level.

But this brings up something inherently broken in the system.

If someone is an amazing talent in one area, do we only promote them into *another* area (ie. typically management), because we can’t justify their payrise in their current area?

Why not give them their payrise and allow them to stay in their area of speciality with the goal of gaining mastery?

What Industrial Age Economics makes difficult, the Connection Economy is made for.

Connection Economy Individuals (and Companies) enjoy the fact that they can remain and gain mastery in their area of speciality, allowing them to continually push forward Business as Art, all the while growing a more dedicated and loyal global fanbase over time.

In the Connection Economy, individuals and companies no longer have to ‘promote’ themselves out of their area of specialisation.

More Art + More Fans = Promotion.

I predict the ‘brain drain’ of our generation will be a ‘creative drain’ of artists, creatives and intrapreneuers who realise its more rewarding to bank on themselves in the Connection Economy than it is to bank on promotion in the Industrial Economy.

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