Fashion does provide extra added value to clothing, but the additional elements exist only in people’s imaginations and beliefs. Fashion is not visual clothing but is the invisible elements included in clothing. – Yuniya Kawamurra

This post was provoked by fashion activist, Adele Varcoe, guest presenter at Creative Mornings this month.

Adele explained that fashion isn’t so much about what is seen, but about what is unseen. That fashion is a social contract that you participate in when you choose to where what you wear, the way you wear it, for the people you’ll be encountering in the context you’re wearing it for. What you wear is a message you send the world about which tribe you belong to – an outward expression of your internal beliefs.

In actuality, the decision over what to wear isn’t made on the day, but at purchase time.

When someone makes a decision to buy – its the social contract they are *really* entering into.

Adele was talking about fashion.

But she was actually talking about *every* industry.

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