In my first paid online marketing role for a local architectural firm, I blogged about the unattainable Quality, Speed, Cost triangle.

Namely, that as a client engaging our services, you can have any two of the three, but you must choose – you can’t have all three.

Today, in a globally connected and competitive marketplace, low cost is now an option you should remove from your business’ offering.

If price reduction is something you are happy to compete on, you’ll inevitably be involved in a race to the bottom – someone, somewhere will have deeper pockets and be prepared to do it cheaper than you.

What’s left then is to focus on massively increasing Quality and Speed, and charging a premium for delighting your fans on this journey of ever increasing refinement in the art of your business.

The Connection Economy has collapsed the unattainable Quality, Speed, Cost triangle into the artist’s Quality, Speed line.

Offer the Best for the Least for the Most.

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