Embracing Mystery

Embracing Mystery

On Thursday, possibly half the planet’s facebook feed was swamped with fans sharing this trailer of the most anticipated movie of the year.

While we can’t all expect our work to have Star Wars level virality, we can learn from one key signature that this trailer shares with the body of work of the man behind the camera, JJ Abrams.

JJ Abram’s signature flies in the face of current digital marketing efficiency – where the game seems to now be to engage in algorithmic real time bidding, reduce click paths, conversion rate optimise to gain a percentage point here or there, and essentially cater to the lowest common denominator.

His signature in fact masterfully and purposefully (and even frustratingly) embraces the exact opposite – not providing all the answers, not making things obvious, even intentionally with-holding information since he grasps that our human minds desperately want closure.

Once the interwebs gets tired of being spoon fed by Captain Obvious, the next wave of digital marketing won’t be about the engineering of optimisation and efficiency, but will be about the human-ness of mystery, wonder and imagination.

Given how strong this force is with this director, perhaps its timely to take a leaf out of JJ Abrams’ TED talk on Mystery.

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