Three marketers walk into a bar and order drinks, each takes a moment to share an update of their evening.

  • Broadcast Ben: <perfect styled image> copy: #drinkinglikeaboss.
  • Content Charlie: “The 5 drinks you must try tonight ” , then later “The 3 best bar snacks this weekend”
  • Connection Catherine: “Not sure about ‘Charlies’ tips, what’s your martini of choice at this bar?”, the next day “Check out a quick review of my night (and ‘Matcha Martini‘) with Ian & Charlie, looking for the best Espresso Martini next week – tell me your favs?”

Who are you likely to engage with?

Ben is simply broadcasting a 1 way message.

Charlie is far more engaging than Ben, however in essence it is still a 1 way message – long form broadcasting. While you may stay engaged for a few weeks, after a while you’ll begin to switch off if all he does is keep ‘talking’ lists at you.

It’s only Catherine who’s turned the spotlight on ‘you’ – sharing her night and inviting you into the conversation and an ongoing relationship.

We all agree that the market has moved beyond Ben, however with the buzz around ‘content’, you might be seduced into Charlie style communications.

In our Connection Economy, Content isn’t the goal.

Content is here to serve relationship.

Before you create your content, define the story you’re telling and where you are leading the relationship.

H/T: Robert McKee

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