Last year Adobe played the best Trick possible for Halloween by turning Photoshop into a Murder Mystery – and winning several Cannes Lions in the process.

Here Adobe, created a heavily layered, 200Mb Photoshop file which contained clues to a Murder Mystery that only fans with sufficient skill in Photoshop would be able to uncover.

Adobe’s campaign became the treat of Halloween as the Photoshop Facebook page responded in a frenzy with the community uncovering clues together and providing Photoshop tips to help each other solve the mystery.

This campaign worked on so many levels:

  • Firstly Adobe created a product that is the Best for the Least for the Most. Photoshop is overkill for mum and dad, but you’re not a Graphic Designer if you aren’t using it. And after education, Photoshop is probably every Graphic Designer’s biggest outlay at the start of their career.
  • Adobe embraced mystery to take their tribe on a journey of becoming: “Even after the mystery was solved, our community couldn’t stop. The campaign turned a community of designers into an army of hard nosed detectives, sparking their imaginations and reigniting their love for the Photoshop brand.”
  • In the process, this Murder Mystery further cemented an already tightknit community by defining who ‘gets us’ vs who doesn’t, who’s in vs who’s out.

Today, Adobe treats us yet again as the Photoshop community rallies to solve the next Murder Mystery in space.

Well done Adobe!

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