Last month, business strategist and ex-Yahoo board member, Michael Wolf released an epic 136 page slide deck on the future of tech and media – well worth a read for any online marketer.

Inside this deck were many surprising findings – including that messaging (& not social networking) will be the killer app.

One of the slides (of many) that caught my eye however was this one:

Fractal App Development

If you do the math, that means just 0.005% of App Developers on the Google Play Store take 64% of the money.

Similarly, 0.007% of App Developers on the iOS App Store take 48% of the money.

In Michael’s own words, the number of developers on a platform doesn’t matter if the top 20 take most of the money.

This seems so unfair.

Why is it that such a small minority are making so much?

What do these less than 0.01% of App Developers know that the other 99.99% don’t?

Firstly, the top 20 clearly understand the 80/20 rule.

Less commonly, they understand that the 80/20 rule is fractal.

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