[Video] Bitcoin, Blockchain and disrupting Digital Advertising: Part 1

[Video] Bitcoin, Blockchain and disrupting Digital Advertising: Part 1

Three months ago I gave an industry talk at the Melbourne chapter of Web Analytics Wednesday titled: “Bitcoin, Blockchain & Digital Advertising”.

At that time the price of Bitcoin had just reached the (then) hallowed target of USD $5,000 so interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology was just starting to hit mainstream news.

The goal of my talk was to explore the possibility of blockchain technology disrupting our digital advertising industry – and more specifically, given I was speaking at Web Analytics Wednesday, what new opportunities could Blockchain technology offer Analytics professionals?

A number of people let me know they couldn’t make the session so I told them I would re-record the talk as a YouTube presentation – and time just got the better of me. I finally ended up recording the session while I was on sick leave!

Now that Bitcoin is eyeing the USD $20,000 mark, it seems as good a time as any to post this on the Intentional blog.

With so much ground to cover, I’ve split the presentation into two parts, so without further ado… here’s part 1.

[Dec 20 edit: If you’re ready to go straight to Part 2, click here].

In the meantime – enjoy!


ps. I misread the market cap which should be in the *billions*, not trillions. I was on sick leave when I recorded this so pls, no trolling!

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