Today, Google announces Enhanced Campaigns for Adwords.

In a nutshell Enhanced Campaigns allows the advertiser to show different ads to the same user – depending on the context (location, device, and time of day) of where/how the user is searching.

For example:
* If a user is at home searching for Pizza on a tablet, an ad is shown that can direct the user to an online ordering page.
* If a user is walking down the street searching for Pizza on a smartphone, a location specific ad showing a map to the nearest pizza store is shown with Click-to-Call capability.

Different bids can be made depending on location, device and time of day – all contributing to increased relevancy for both the searcher and the advertiser.

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns will slowly be rolled out as an upgrade option to Adwords advertisers over the next few weeks.

Google will be working with Adwords Certified Partner Agencies (such as through the Google Engage program to assist clients in the transition.

Learn more about Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

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