A billion hours ago, modern Homo sapiens emerged. A billion minutes ago, Christianity began. A billion seconds ago, the IBM personal computer was released. A billion Google searches ago… was this morning

– Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google

About You

  • Are you constantly immersing yourself in Adwords, listening to podcasts, watching webinars and get a kick out of driving Adwords forward?
  • Would you love the opportunity to work directly with Google’s Premier Partner Agency team to talk client strategy and trial Private Betas not available to the general public?
  • Would you love to represent our team at Google Masterclasses & Industry Events and apply learnings for the benefit of our clients?
  • Are you a High Capacity, High Achieving individual who could get more done if only management would just get out of the way?
  • Could you outperform if only you were given the freedom to define where and when you work?
  • Constantly being interrupted by client phone calls or worse still, client meetings?
  • Frustrated by being pulled in so many different directions like web-dev, SEO, GTM, email marketing, CRM?
  • Would you love the freedom to focus solely on creating phenomenal, measurable Paid Digital Advertising?

If you answered ‘yes’, to the above questions, we may have your dream job!


About the Role

We are looking for an Adwords Expert / Specialist to take over ownership of continuously driving SEM (and potentially other digital channels) forward.


  • Minimum 3+ Years in Digital Advertising. Google Search Mastery at minimum, entire Adwords Suite (Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping) and Facebook Ads preferred. Pls detail relevant experience


  • 5+ Years in Digital Advertising. Entire Adwords Suite (Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping), Facebook Ads and DoubleClick Programmatic preferred. Pls detail relevant experience

We are passionate about finding the right talent for this role and we have engaged the BrilliantFIT recruiting platform to support us in this process. The next step will be to complete our BrilliantFIT assessment – after which you will get your own 1 Page Talent Profile. We pay for this service – and this Profile will be for your own career development and personal records regardless of how far you progress with your application with us. We appreciate your participation and we look forward to hearing from you.


Our Mission

Thanks to Adwords, the phrase ‘Pay Per Click’ has been synonymous with online advertising.

We exist to not merely pay for clicks, but to imbue ‘Purpose Per Click’.

What we mean by this is to focus on the overlap of three specific P’s:

  1. Platform. Online Advertising has one significant difference to all other forms of advertising – the underlying, real-time scored auction model. Because of this difference, it is no longer the advertiser with the largest pockets who dominates, but the advertiser who is the most *relevant*. It’s happens every day that the Purpose Driven Advertiser pays less per click *and* shows more prominently for each and every ad compared to your competitors – the true advantage of advertising online. As a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Blueprint Certified Agency, we enjoy a close working partnership with the major platforms to ensure we have full and complete understanding of the platforms, the purpose behind each feature and the resources to drive change forward.
  2. People. As good as algorithms are, ultimately its people who drive change, so we also work hard to ensure that we not only hire the best people, but that each person’s role is tailored uniquely according to their strengths. We partner with HR consulting firm Brilliant Fit to do Business DNA psychometric testing on our staff as individuals and on our team as a whole to ensure we are hiring and operating at peak performance with the end result being: every team member, every day doing more of what they enjoy, have a natural talent for and are gifted in.
  3. Positioning. Last but not least, is the reason we’re all here. To advertise the right message to the right person at the right time so that they take action. Getting to the right person at the right time is handled by purpose driven Platforms and People. The right message, however, is where most Brands fall short – the most common crime committed being Brands advertising their category instead of positioning themselves uniquely. To drive maximum effect from advertising, every impression paid for exists to position a Brand uniquely – to create a category of one in the mind of the consumer, where the advertised Brand is the only choice. The final key to maximise Digital Advertising is fueling each and every click with purpose driven Positioning.


More About Us

7 years, Award Winning Agency. We are an Award Winning Tier 1 Google Premier Partner and Facebook Blueprint agency. We have enjoyed tremendous favour with Google and Facebook – and continue to receive both exclusive private advertising Betas and priority research, support and training for our team and clients.

More than a name. Intentionality runs in our blood – and not just about advertising. If you find you are also insatiably curious about anything – coffee, food, movies, music, tech, (anything!) – you’ll fit right in with us.

High Freedom, Strengths-Based, Remote Friendly. We don’t watch the clock nor do we micro manage. We believe in hiring the right people, focussing on work/strengths alignment – then getting out of the way as much as we can. Over the years, we’ve worked hard on both our processes and on tailoring every role to the team member so everybody is freed to work in their strengths zone each and every day. We leave it up to our team members to define where and when they work – save for Thursday ‘Team Day’ where we gather together each week to work, eat and drink together at our Cremorne HQ.

Less but Better. We choose to work with fewer but larger clients – lower volume, but higher service. Household Brands we have worked with include Thankyou, Wesfarmers, Bakers Delight, The 5th Watches, Frank Body, Officeworks, Target and Canon Australia, among others.

High Service, not Full Service. We specialise in creating fantastic Paid Digital Advertising *only*. No SEO, Web development, Landing Page Optimisation, Social Media Management, Community building etc. We say ‘no’ to a lot of distractions so we can say ‘yes’ to doing One Thing Well.

For all work outside our scope, we enjoy partnering with our other specialist partner agencies who, also, do One Thing Well.


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