Business is simply the exchange of value

What does the word ‘business’ bring to mind for you?

I used to associate the word business with skyscrapers, big corporations, boardroom tables, important people in suits, impressive offices and grey haired CEOs who wore glasses.

*I* could never be in ‘business’….

But what is business?

Business is simply the exchange of value.

When you have something of value that I want, I give you something of value that you want.

Do this over and over again – and we’re in business!

In the Industrial Age we were trained that for us to get (buy) something we wanted from you there was only one currency to give that you valued – money.

In the Connection Economy, for the first time, previous intangibles like the ability to form relationships and influence followers is now an alternative and abundant form of value (currency) that we can give.

In the Connection Economy it pays to be rich in friendships and relationships – literally.

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