Late last month, Facebook made a relatively quiet announcement – the introduction of Search FYI.

Facebook has always had fairly limited search capability – the ability to find people to add as friends, groups to join and trending topics etc.

A very utilitarian type of transaction.

What makes the Search FYI update intriguing is that Facebook is now overlaying its social graph to the search results – so we will now see results skewed towards news our Facebook friends have liked, commented or shared.

With this move, Facebook has taken the ultimate one-to-one web transaction we take for granted – googling – and disrupted it by unlocking hidden value stored in our many-to-many relationships.

This is Search reinvented for our Connection Economy.

For the first time, Google has a real reason to be worried.

Brands currently offering a one-to-one transactional type service would do well to disrupt themselves by following Facebook’s lead and finding ways to unlock hidden value in the many-to-many relationships that already exist in and around their current customer base.

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