An enemy of my enemy is my friend – Ancient proverb

Who’s clearly not in your tribe?

Who doesn’t cut the mustard?

Who’s out?

Casting a wide net can lull us into a false sense of security since its far easier and cheaper to get early momentum (subscribers, followers, even first time customers).

However this finish line is too short.

In a Connected Economy, our role is to take customers on a journey of becoming, over time – and the masses are not up for this. Those who are the best candidates (ie. future Brand ambassadors) are¬†subconsciously looking for something to stand for. These are the people who believe “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything”. These are the people who care the most and will contribute the most Lifetime Customer Value.

Swinging voters are cheap to get at the outset but will cost over the long haul either by churning to the next best (competitor) offer and/or by causing trouble within your tribe.

Its OK to rally a tribe together by defining a common enemy (this presumably being the original gap in the market you sought to address) – effectively setting boundary lines for who’s in and who’s out.

Say ‘no‘ to the hoards, so you can concentrate your ‘yes’ on the vital few.

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