Marty, you’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally
– Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown

Humans have been created to live in community so its natural that we have tribal instincts – the need to belong and contribute to a community.

Two recent shifts that have happened (at least in the Western world) is that:

  1. In the past few generations, our traditional local tribal relational ties (family, work, church etc) have weakened or decoupled completely, and
  2. The internet has connected us with new tribes of people who have the same, weird, long tail, niche of niche interest that we do – allowing for stronger (albeit potentially more narrow) relational ties, regardless of where they live.

A few years ago, forming a tribe of people you know in real life devoted to Accidental Hipsters would have been hard enough.

Let alone Accidental Chinese Hipsters Рimpossible!

Counter-intuitively, it can be easier today to form a niche of niche, like-minded tribe globally than it is from the limited local contacts you know in real life.

Why are you still thinking locally?

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