Just as video killed the radio star, so too has YouTube killed the video star.

Back in 1981, MTV launched and provided a generation with a whole new way of experiencing music – 24/7 music videos.

The music video irrevocably changed the way artists got surfaced – music was now no longer for the ears, but now for the eyes also.

When YouTube launched, it changed the game for ‘artists‘ in every field, on a scale orders of magnitude larger than MTV – video was now no longer confined to one way professional broadcast, but was now opened up to two way public sharing and dialogue.

The artists that succeeded on MTV didn’t simply add moving pictures to their songs – they crafted a visual feast that took advantage of the unique strengths of this entirely new genre.

In the same way, the YouTube publishers who are succeeding aren’t those who take existing video and publish it online, but those who take advantage of the unique strengths of this democratic, social platform.

Happy 10th Birthday YouTube.

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