Case Study: Canon

Case Study: Canon

The Challenge

Intentional collaborated with Pictureworks Group & Canon Australia to launch the world’s first range of Personalised Photo Books printed using the Canon photo-quality Dreamlabo 5000 commercial printer – offered through the albumworks consumer brand.  The machine was a major technological breakthrough by Canon.

The challenge that Intentional faced was:

1) How to position the new premium range of books without denigrating the current range that will continue to be sold and that will still make up the bulk of purchases

2) How to communicate online, just how much higher in quality the new range of books were, when the difference was very difficult to perceive onscreen and could only really be appreciated in real life

3) To achieve a premium range adoption rate of at least 11% of the new premium range within 3 months


Intentional delivered the knowledge and expertise in executing the differentiated positioning and digital marketing in a highly competitive market.

– KC Lu, Senior Marketing Director of Business Innovation, Canon Australia


Strategy & Results

Intentional worked with Pictureworks, and the team from Canon, to arrive at a Creative Strategy that:

1) Applied the TV analogy of ‘HD vs SD’ to invent the new category of “High Definition (HD) Photo Books” and reposition the existing range as “Standard Definition (SD) Photo Books”

2) Analysed the new print technology innovations achieved by Canon R&D and converted that into specific creative, art and copy including interactive “magnifying glass” creative and currency microprinting metaphors

3) Delivered an integrated online campaign which drew together website, email marketing and shopping cart upsells that achieved a premium range adoption rate initially of over 20%, and which subsequently grew yet higher again.  This performance was maintained in the long term and became a key differentiator for albumworks

4) Canon subsequently adopted the comm’s strategy on a global basis for its product range and the Canon Dreamlabo 5000 became synonymous with “HD Photo Books”