PJS is a distributor of on trend outdoor products. They are a dynamic and innovative business, with the official license to a host of US brands in the Australian market.

As a distributor they have strict KPIs and product sales hurdles to meet, which often means budgets are chopped and changed month to month.

Past management of campaigns had focussed on large interest based audiences, which made it hard to find consistent groups of people to advertise too.

1) Multiple brands, multiple Facebook pages & multiple websites

2) Ever changing budgets and monthly KPIs

3) Struggling for consistency in audience reach and funnel based selling


If you’re looking for an agency that choose truth over hype, transparency over technical jargon; then we can highly recommend Intentional. It’s nice having an agency that is proactive in suggesting new ways of growing our business, and breaking things down to help us understand exactly what’s working and why.

– Sean Condon, PJS Director (importer of Wrightsock, Coolcore, MUVE & Qalo)



Rather than isolate ad accounts and budgets. We took the total budgets across the brands as an opportunity to increase the audience pool sizes for all brands advertised.

During Summer months this saw Coolcore Chill Towels take the majority of budget, building up eCommerce sales and email subscribers.

As the weather cools, budgets shift to Wrightsock double layer adventure socks. However, now we can do so with a engaged and optimised audience from the Summer with Coolcore.

1) Scalable Facebook structure that enables any brand to fit into the funnel as required

2) Coolcore had their best Summer ever in the 4 years in Australia

3) Wrightsock/MUVE and other brands as they enter now have a funnel in excess of 10,000+ users for consistent sales opportunities


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Not many people know this but the word ‘Crisis’ in Chinese is actually made up of 2 characters, one means Danger and the other means opportunity.

Although we are going through this crisis, this current situation can force us to come up with better and more efficient processes, internal collaborations and better leaderships.

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